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City of Jennings

City Government


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The City of Jennings, Missouri Welcomes You


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The City of Jennings, Missouri Welcomes You

The Mayor of Jennings, Missouri is elected for a four-year term and the Council members are elected for a two year term.  The City is divided into four wards with two elected Council members per Ward.  The  Judge is  appointed by the Mayor and Council.

If you are not a registered voter, we encourage you to visit Jennings City Hall, any library, or go on-line; it only takes a few minutes to register.

To our vibrant and growing community rich in traditions that is an ideal environment for your family. We encourage you to learn more about our community by visiting our Historical Society located at 8741 Jennings Station Road or by contacting Allan Stichnote at 314-951-4243

For our Jennings residents that are disabled or 55 and older, we provide transportation Monday through Friday to local businesses.  To sign up call the Recreation Center Receptionist at 388-3040.

The City of Jennings has three wonderful parks, one includes a new baseball diamond, playground, walking trail and a gorgeous lake to sit near, relax and fish.


Attention all Property Owners & Residents of the

City of Jennings, Missouri

“Let’s get a good thing growing!”



Removing fallen tree limbs, dead trees and shrubs from our lawns.  Dead or dying trees and shrubs must be removed.

Keeping your lawn mowed and weeds cut.  Grass and weeds must not be allowed to grow in excess of six (6) inches.

Painting and repairing our homes when necessary.

Storing trash in containers with watertight close fitting lids.  All households must subscribe to trash service with the waste hauler under contract with the City of Jennings.

Picking up litter on our property and in our neighborhoods.

Encouraging one another not to litter our streets and parks.

Ensuring our pets have rabies shots, Jennings license tag and not letting them run loose.

Properly registering and displaying Jennings City stickers on each vehicle.

Obtaining permits from the Building Department at Jennings City Hall for any plumbing, electrical or mechanical work, for new fence and driveway and for alterations or additions to the interior of your home, before you start the work.

Ensuring that you have an inspection and occupancy permit whenever there is a new owner or new tenant.  Any change in occupancy requires you to revise your existing occupancy permit.