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Jennings Maintenance

Jennings Community,


Our residents have done a fantastic job with maintaining their fence rows and overgrowth.  This upkeep is important for several reasons. Such as security, emergency utility repair access, limits insect and animal harborage and it keeps your fence from being destroyed. Also, it gets rid of invasive species like honey suckle and kudzu which spread throughout the city, if unchecked.  It is your responsibility as a resident to maintain the landscaping of your property. This also improves the beauty of the city and avoids a possible citation. 

Missouri American Water continues ongoing sewer system repairs throughout the city with cured in place pipe (CIPP) main repairs and sewer lid risers.  These are the crews you see working on the mains in the street with steam coming out of the manholes. 

Also, crews are rerouting downspouts that were tested positive to the sanitary system.  Some downspouts remain attached to the sanitary system and can create a congested flow to the sewer system. They may become overcharged during a heavy rain event and add to basement sewage backups. 

The City of Jennings roadway maintenance division crews repair potholes all year, even during the winter months. weather permitting. These efforts help to keep the roads safe for our residents and visitors. Residents are encouraged to take action and report all potholes.  You can report a pothole location, 24 hours a day by calling the Public Works Department at 314-381-7184.  Please remember that Jennings Public Works only repairs potholes on public streets in the City of Jennings. not on State or County Roads.  We will make a field inspection of every reported pothole.  In many cases we will immediately fill the pothole.  However, in some cases we may choose to delay a repair based on weather, material availability or technique determined to be best for the situation.

In the event of a storm, where tree limbs are broken off or a tree has fallen, Public Works has a specific policy and instructions our department adheres to. If a resident has a tree on their property, it is the responsibility of the resident to maintain overgrowth, damage and debris. If a tree or tree limb has fallen from private property into the street, we will place the limb or tree that obstructs traffic back in front of the property the tree fell from. It is still the property owners/residents’ responsibility to have the debris removed. You may call your refuse company to have the yard debris disposed of if you have yard waste service along with refuse service. If you do not have yard waste service and have refuse service only, you may call and ask to have the debris removed, there may be a fee associated with the removal.